Radiant Healing


An invitation awaits you to experience a journey into healing. Aligning one’s spirit with its true “core self” is the main focus of a healing, thereby allowing your energy to flow freely—affecting you positively on all levels of your being: spiritually, physically and emotionally. When this happens “miracles” often take place. Witness the amazing transformations, when defensive walls dissolve and you are in touch with your magical soul essence. Then the healing journey has begun—helping to create a more balanced and happier person and in touch with one’s life’s purpose, while in the process of feeling alive!

What can a healing help you with?

          relieve physical pain                                               severe and chronic illness


         trauma                                                                     pre- and post-surgery

         depression and anxiety                                           feeling stuck


         fibromyalgia                                                            soul healing


         sciatica pain                                                            past life issues

At this time sessions will not be available until further notice.


Welcome to your Healing Journey...